The following is a guest post by Andrew Shure, the CEO of Shure Pets.

  • The first key step is to figure out where your passion lies. You will be the most successful when you have a passion for the industry or the product. Narrow down a few choices and then research companies by visiting their websites, speaking to current consultants, and learning as much as possible before singing up.
  • Once you select a company, get to know the company and the products in and out — the more passionate and knowledgable you are about the products, the more enthusiastic you will be in your ventures, which will be apparent to potential customers.
  • When getting started, first reach out to family, friends and co-workers, in order to let them know about your new business venture and ask them if they will support you and be involved. Spread the word rapidly!
  • On this note, take advantage of social media: keep people in the loop via Facebook, Twitter, and My Space: promote your new business anywhere and everywhere.
  • Marketing materials are key! Create a blog or website for your personalized affiliation. Make business cards, and keep company brochures handy with you at all time: you never know where your next customer might be, it could be in line at the grocery store!
  • Host as many at-home parties and networking events as possible: build a loyal fan case and you will be well on your way to making extra income in no time!
  • Most importantly: stay enthusiastic and motivated throughout your venture and you will surely be successful!