Are you a personal chef, or an entrepreneur developing recipes? Do you want to bottle/develop a recipe?

If you want to start a food business in the state of Florida (or in most other states), you’ll need a commercial kitchen. State and local laws require that all food prepared for sale to the public must be prepared or produced at a commercially licensed kitchen. Unfortunately, the cost of setting up a licensed commercial kitchen is a huge obstacle to many food entrepreneurs. This is an expense that most folks are not prepared for or do not have the knowledge of designing a kitchen which will pass inspection.

Your Pro Kitchen offers a professionally-equipped, commercially licensed multi-station kitchen facility for professional cooking and baking. In addition, they are flexible enough to support many different uses, such as cooking classes, private events, and the production or bottling of your products.

Your Pro Kitchen also offers a traditional business center with desk space, internet access, a fax machine, copy machines, a telephones.

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