Greeting Cards Designed For Sharing Burned CDs


Digital greetings are all very well, but it seems there’s something about the tangible paper card that just can’t be replaced. We’ve written about talking gift tags and greeting cards with online attachments, and now there’s Burney Cards, combining an artist-designed, fold-out paper card with a burnable CD tucked inside.

Created by Dutch firm Schmeitz+Freitag, the Burney CD Card provides content-sharing consumers with a giftable alternative to download links and plastic jewel cases.

The current line includes 24 styles of cards designed by up-and-coming artists. With designs for a variety of occasions, the cards let users record music, pictures or video onto the matching CD and send it along in the included slot, with a personalized message written on the card itself.

The 15-by-15-cm cards are priced at EUR 5.95 each, with an introductory offer that provides one free card for every 10 purchased. Burney Cards were named finalists in this year’s Creative Amsterdam Award.

Photo by Schmeitz+Freitag.

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