Respectfully Firing Employees

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It is always difficult to have to let go of an employee. Even when the employee has not exactly been a “good fit” for the company, it is still not a task that anyone truly looks forward to doing. So how does a manager go about making this task not only easier for them but for the employee as well? Here are some tips that I recently read about on to help you through this difficult task.

  • Always make sure to think about your future when firing an employee, this will keep your mind on a more sensitive mind set and should keep you from causing any damage through the words that you speak. Remember that that the employee might be a future client of yours or may be in a position to spread negative information if pushed too hard.
  • Make sure that before the final termination is made that you have reviewed the situation and have all necessary paperwork in order. No company should be firing anyone without proper documentation to back up the fact that this is the only and last option for this employee.
  • Recognize lessons learned. Although the company may think it handled a particular termination well, employee sentiment may not line up with the employer’s perception. It is important to talk to employees and supervisors left behind to ascertain their thoughts and feelings about how the company handled the departure keeping in mind confidentiality issues relating to the termination.

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