Wordpress Plugin for iPhone/iPod touch
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Seems like blogs have kind of made it into the main and don’t get talked about as hot social media plays, but in my mind, a web hub of education based information, easily created and housed on a blog, is the ultimate social media foundation element and probably the key to success when you engage prospects in other social media platforms.

When attending to your blog always remember these three rules… read, follow, and listen. This is so you can be the best at your blog by listening to others input and advice, following other peoples blogs so you have many ways of obtaining ideas and inspiration, as well as reading all comments that are posted to your posts in order for you to respond and continue growing your online community.

Another great way to get more out of your blog is to ask for your readers participation by giving suggestions, comments, advice, and any other sort of input on your blog that may help you make it better.

Try becoming a guest blogger on someone else’s blog. Many of you may think that this is a weird thing to do, but in reality it helps your blog to grow. By providing your input on another blog as a guest poster you will be reaching out to people other then those that are in your immediate network and thus bringing more traffic to your blog, as stated on Duct Tape Marketing.

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