columns aka pillars
photo credit: Torley

Systematize the Best Solutions. Once you’ve chosen the BEST solutions, create a system that solves them forever, so they don’t come up again or that anyone is able to fix them. Create so many systems that it makes people cringe. That’s organization.

I recently came across a great article on Sentiment Of Success that talked about the 8 pillars of business endurance. The great thing I saw about these 8 pillars is that they can be incorporated into your business no matter what stage of development you in, whether you just started up, you’re 5 years into business, or 20 years into business, these 8 pillars will work wonders for your company.

  1. Find a strong demand. Rather than trying to find a demand for a specific product or service, go the other way and offer a product that there is already a strong demand for.
  2. Write your vision. Don’t just leave everything up to fate where this is concerned, sit down and go based on your gut instincts. Write your vision based on what you naturally feel. This will later strengthen up your internal focus on your business.
  3. Hire the best people. You can have an awesome idea but if you hire all the wrong people to help you grow it, you won’t go anywhere. So hire the very best that believe in your idea as much as you do.

To view the complete list of the 8 pillars of business endurance, visit Sentiment Of Success.