Fast Company:

Now would-be entrepreneurs have a new tool to make launching a business easier: the Start Your Own Company app for the iPhone.

This .99 application offers a streamlined, step-by-step approach to becoming your own boss – and is the first iPhone app to actually walk users through that process.

The Start Your Own Company app is like a series of flash cards, with a basic step on the front of each card— and more information on the back about how to tackle that step.

Anyone who’s ever started a company knows there’s no shortage of information out there about starting a business.

Enough information, in fact, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our goal with this app was to present the information in bite-sized pieces, so that it’s easier to see the bare bones of the plan.

Like any major goal, launching a company can be broken down smaller, more manageable tasks.

Take the process one task at a time, and before you know it you’re up and running.

Our other goal was to offer some help to the many people who now find themselves accidental entrepreneurs.

Some of us always dreamed of running our own show, but in the current economy, many frustrated job seekers are deciding that the best way to replace their income might be by creating it themselves.