Think Like An Entrepreneur

Rhonda Abrams at Gannett says to think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be applied to virtually any field or profession.

No matter what products and services are currently on the market in your area of expertise, there are always opportunities to improve them and to better serve the customers who buy them.

That said, if you’re a true entrepreneur, you likely possess the following key characteristics:

You are driven to succeed. You’re so motivated to achieve your goals that you are prepared to overcome obstacles that would likely discourage or stop others.

You are a self-starter and go-getter. Rather than waiting for someone to issue instructions, you take initiative. And you can be innovative – you constantly think “out of the box” when attempting to meet challenges.

You routinely see opportunities where others see problems. Rather than feeling defeated when you encounter roadblocks to your goals, you feel energized. Challenges spur rather than deter you.

Photo by ljleavell.

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