Entrepreneurship programs at UW—Madison are supporting innovative thinking and actions, so says UW News.

A new course, Art as Business as Art, is showing students in the arts the range of creative possibilities available to them and giving them the tools they need to advance their career goals.

Art as Business as Art grew out of the Arts Enterprise entrepreneurship initiative at UW—Madison, which included the Arts Enterprise Symposium held last January, the launch of a student organization devoted to nurturing enterprising arts students, a Web site and the New Arts Venture Challenge.

Stephanie Jutt, a faculty member in the School of Music, knows from experience the pitfalls that can derail the careers of aspiring artists: “There is much more to being an artist than being accomplished at your art. Students who want to make a life in the arts must learn how to run the business of their career. This is the class I wish they had taught when I was in school.”

Photo by adreson.