Inventor Dad’s Anti-Obesity Toy Snapped Up

Brett Gifkins was frustrated with the amount of time his three sons were spending on the computer, so he began designing a toy that would entice them outside, reports Scoop Independent News.

The innovatively designed Sprinta, which requires no batteries and (to parent’s delight) is soundless, is manoeuvered via a flexible rod inserted on the top of the car which children must push along to maintain momentum.

Making the Sprinta car perform tricks requires some skill and practice, encouraging children to spend time running around and building up their proficiency with the toy. All sound effects are to be generated by the child, again engaging and encouraging their imaginations.

The interest has been high from a number of retailers across New Zealand and Australia.

Toyworld’s buyer Repeka Haurua says the market has been calling for a toy which increases activity but still appeals to kids in the five years plus category.

Gifkins, who spent 10 years and more than $300,000 of his personal savings to create the product, says if it gets just one child off the couch then it’s been worth it!

Photo by Sprinta Toys.

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