Carolina Newswire:

Nature’s Pearl Corporation announced today that since July, 2008, the company has generated 2,382 home-based businesses. The company converted from traditional retail sales to a network marketing model, beginning with 26 distributors in July, 2008. Nature’s Pearl distributorship continued to grow rapidly during the month of November, 2009, adding 129 distributors to hit a historic high of 2,382.

“Five years ago, if you had told me I would be selling muscadine products through thousands of home-based businesses, I would have told you that was impossible,” said Jerry W. Smith, Founder and CEO of Nature’s Pearl Corporation. In 1990, Mr. Smith also founded Le Bleu Corporation, the 87th largest beverage company in the United States. He began to consider distributing Nature’s Pearl products through network marketing after studying entrepreneur Warren Buffett’s purchase of The Pampered Chef, Ltd., which Buffett called the best investment he ever made.

“I saw a business opportunity,” said Ms. Bacon. “I liked the product, and I liked the business. It’s been very successful.”

Jeff Weigele, a sales and training manager with 30 years’ experience from Wilmington, N. C., also affirmed the attractiveness of the networking business model.

“It is the kind of opportunity that if somebody works at it, in 90 days, you can create a secondary income in excess of $1,000 per month,” said Mr. Weigele. “Most people are worried about keeping jobs rather than advancing, and yet the financial residual with Nature’s Pearl continues to grow.”

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