Inventor Readies Special Fishing Rod

Little did Joseph Morgan know his hobby would develop into a growing business. “Whenever I can grab a pole and go down to the river, or the creeks, that’s where I fish,” he said, reports WTOV9.

On Monday, he got his shipment of his product, the Night Light Fisherman. It’s a 7-foot fishing pole with a sensor that lights up a red light a the first sign of a fish bite.

“Once you cast it in the water… the water isn’t going pull it and light it up. It’s got to be a fish,” he said while demonstrating the product.

Morgan now has hundreds of poles to sell, but got the ball rolling with just one. “What happened, I was down at the river fishing, trying out the pole I had built and some man seen it, offered me a hundred dollars for it,” he said.

Since then, Morgan’s gotten a patent and hooked up with a manufacturer in China. He’s working to push his product to Cabela’s and Gander Mountain. For now he’s selling them out of his small home office for $50 each.

“That would be what I’d buy your grandpap or your dad or your kids. That’s what I’d get for them,” he said.
Morgan proudly displays the first fish he caught with the Night Light Fisherman. The grandfather to 12 kids never dreamed he’d become a businessman. He said it shows anything’s possible for people in the Valley just like him.

“Go for it, you know if you got something and you think it could help somebody else out, try to get a patent on it. You got all to gain and nothing to lose,” Morgan said.

Photo by Night Light Fisherman.

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