Arbonne Is Taking Canada By Storm

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Arbonne skincare and lifestyle products are formulated using only natural and botanical ingredients in a high tech delivery system that women are just raving about. The company’s mantra, PURE, SAFE AND BENEFICIAL permeates every aspect of the business from sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, to the quality and efficacy of the ingredients. Developed in Switzerland in 1975 by a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, Arbonne is now sold in several countries, has an annual sales volume well into the billions and is one of the world’s largest and most successful direct to consumer skincare brands. Totally vegan and void of irritants such as mineral oil and parabens, the products are produced using ‘green’ and sustainable materials in an energy efficient manner.

Launched in Quebec only a short time ago, Loriana Savignano and Diana Pietrantonio, 2 professional accountants with families and full time jobs, have already sponsored over 80 Independent Sales Consultants to their team. Both have flown up the corporate ladder becoming Executive Regional Vice Presidents in record time (5 months!) and earning the coveted award for high achievement, a white Mercedes. “We put 4 white Mercedes on the road in Quebec this year said Loriana”, “the market for Arbonne in Quebec is not only outstanding, its untapped” added Diana. This opportunity has changed their life said the women, who added that empowering other women to succeed is a large part of company’s focus and philosophy.

Consulted by Loriana and Diana to assist in building and managing their growth, Lori Karpman, CEO of Lori Karpman & Associates Ltd and self professed beauty junkie, says “while there are many home based opportunities, the Arbonne model is one of the best I have seen. Women can do this while they hold down a full time job, and many, leave their employment to become Arbonne Consultants full time. Their compensation and reward model is not only extremely motivating but attainable, unlike many others out there.” “These two dynamic women are truly committed to the success of their team and provide full training and support. They get tremendous satisfaction from helping out other women” added Lori “and it doesn’t’ hurt that the products produce amazing results!” The re-order rate is 85%; I think that speaks for itself”.

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