Fitness Franchise Takes The Gym Outside

Globe and Mail:

After a six-hour drive home to Montreal from a fitness conference in Toronto, Danielle Danault had no interest in working out in a stuffy gym. So she went to the park.

The company she founded on the heels of that inspirational moment now boasts 20,000 members who get fit in 76 locations.

Her decade-old business, Outdoor Fitness, has 35 franchises in Quebec, it opened one last year in Nova Scotia, and it is looking to expand to New Brunswick and Ontario.

“At first, I started off small,” Ms. Danault says. “I had only 16 people in my first season. Then 45 the next season and then 90.”

Outdoor Fitness enables members to exercise in fresh air, in a group setting, using local parks and green spaces as aerobic and weight-training centres.

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