It is believed that this Locksmith App will be able to help save the lives of countless children by reducing the response time of the locksmith and the amount of time that a child may have to be locked in a vehicle on a hot or very cold day.

Every year in this country, children die because they are locked in a car and their parent or guardian is unable to track down emergency help in time. These parents are usually unaware of how much danger these children are in until it is too late, but the new Locksmith I Phone App and Pop A Lock promises to make things much safer and easier. With one push of a button on the Locksmith APP and your GPS location and problem is sent directly to a local locksmith in your area to assist you immediately.

Perhaps the best part of this program is that it is free to use, so if your child is locked in a vehicle, you will not have to pay for the locksmith. The Locksmith App is also free to download on I Tunes, so make sure that you take advantage of this today. More.

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