Mompreneur: The Toughest Job Around

If you were to ask Tisha Marie Pelletier what the toughest job around is, she would tell you that it is being a “mom entrepreneur”, as reported by She’s not alone. Many mompreneurs reflect that very same sentiment.

“A lot of times, moms are so busy handling the day-to-day, running around here and there, trying to run a successful business, hold down a family, balance children, they are really not given the credit that they deserve,” Pelletier said.

She herself has her hands full, with Caleb, her toddler, who ensures their Gilbert home is constantly “in shambles.”

During the day, somehow, while attending to Caleb’s needs, she also has to find time to run Details Event Management and Simply Put Marketing Communications, her two business ventures.

“You clean it one day, and the next day it’s back to what it was,” she described her home. “I feel it – it’s tough.”

With first-hand empathy, Pelletier has created an event to allow moms to bask in the limelight and shower them with rewards.

Mompreneur of the Year, slated for April 17 at Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa, will select a special mother who juggles the responsibilities of home and business in an exemplary fashion.

The two-part event will feature an expo for families, featuring women’s clothing boutiques, jewelry, and make-up.

Pelletier is accepting nominations for the contest through Feb. 28. A dinner-award ceremony on April 17 will feature the top 10 finalists and crown the winner – Miss-American style with sash, tiara and roses – following a series of contests judged by the public.

Screenshot from Mompreneur Of The Year

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