Another Bar-B-Cutie Opens In Valencia, Spain

Franchise Wire:

Bar-B-Cutie Restaurant has been a Nashville Tradition for over 60 years and has claimed the most coveted awards in the restaurant industry such as “Best Overall Restaurant”, “Best BBQ Restaurant”, “Friendliest Family Dining” and “Best Lunch”. It’s 60 years of business has seen many changes. Bar-B-Cutie locations have opened in Texas, Georgia and even Delaware. Throughout all the awards, 60 years of changes and added locations, nothing could have impressed its owners more than Bar-B-Cutie internationally.

A second Bar-B-Cutie Restaurant location was recently opened in Valencia, Spain and despite the recent snow (the first snow in 150 years), the shrinking American dollar, and the southern slang barrier (there is no way to say ‘Get Your Booty to Bar-B-Cutie’ in Spanish), Bar-B-Cutie in Spain is becoming quite popular. “The 60 year old American restaurant concept fit for Spain has been amazing. In Spain, family and relationships are top priority, and Bar-B-Cutie was built and still builds on those very foundations,” remarks Brett McFarland, third generation Bar-B-Cutie Restaurant manager and COO Bar-B-Cutie Franchise Systems, LLC.

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