YouTube University

Call it “YouTube U.” The Philadelphia Inquirer says more and more people are turning to YouTube for demonstrations of skills they’d like to learn.

But increasingly, the video-sharing Web site is also the place to go when you want to learn something. Be it how to do the moonwalk, fix a dripping kitchen sink, perfect a smoky-eye makeup application, remove scratches from a DVD, or even fly a plane. For many looking to learn, YouTube is now how-to tube.

And for those looking to teach, the site has opened up limitless possibilities for professionals and amateurs to share their know-how.

YouTube’s fans watch more than 1 billion videos a day, up from 100 million a day when the site launched in 2005, according to spokesman Aaron Zamost. And while YouTube does not release number breakdowns for its different categories, how-to videos are second in popularity to those that are entertainment-themed, the company says.

Photo by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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