Saving The World, One Mommy Blog At A Time

If you’re looking for parenting advice, asking your mother or a neighbor might not be your first choice. At a time when nearly everyone seems to be hooked into the internet there is bump in the number of moms that are dishing the information you seek right on their own blogs, reports

And blogs aren’t just offering advice on which bottles or diapers to use…moms are making money. With the millions of moms around the world…Mommy Blogs could soon to take over the World Wide Web.

Shaina Herrmann, native of California, has lived in Sioux Falls for just a few years now. So her name may not sound familiar… But her blog [Sioux Falls Frugal Mom] might.

“Lots of readers every day. Today I think it was at 105 so it’s really taken off,” Herrmann said.

From grocery buying tips…to laundry advice…and money saving coupons, this mom is here to help.

“We all want to save money and if there’s anything on my blog that can help even one mom then it’s worth it,” said Herrmann

Her family of three lives on a part time income right now as her husband finishes a programming degree. And like many looking for a good deal, the internet has become her outlet – as a mom of a toddler and as a consumer.

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