The Business Of Dove Chocolate Parties

Hollywood Today:

Mars, one of the largest candy companies in the world, has a secret. They can put you in the chocolate business with Dove Chocolate Discoveries, a venture that intends to make direct-selling a sweet experience. Hosts of the chocolate parties are “chocolatiers” who serve Dove chocolate or make it into special treats.

“The biggest financial advantage of becoming a chocolatier has been being able to pay a few of our monthly bills myself and having the ability to travel and see my friends and fellow chocolatiers,” says Dove chocolatier Ruth Miller. “Whether it’s a girls’ night out, a couples’ wine and chocolate evening, a moms’ play group breakfast or a child’s birthday, we have the entertaining idea to fit. No cooking experience necessary. But if you are able, you can experiment with new recipes until your heart is content.”

“With minimal startup costs, it’s the only direct-selling chocolate company and is perfect for stay-at-home moms or dads looking to make some extra money,” says Overcoming Underearning author Barbara Stanny. “In a time of such financial uncertainty for so many, I am truly blessed to be able to have a means to an end, for my family,” says chocolatier Sally Valenti.

“I’ve been a chocolatier just over one year,” says Valenti. “I enjoy sharing my passion and love for chocolate and food with new people. A friend of mine attending a business conference and happened to sit next to a chocolatier. When my girlfriend found out that Shelly did chocolate parties, my friend called me immediately, because she knew how much I loved chocolate.”

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