The following is a guest post by Gail Wallin.

WebSafety launched in 2009 after several years of product development. Developed by a group of concerned parents, law enforcement officials and today’s top software engineers, the result is a company with advanced technology that empowers parents to protect their children in the cyber and cellular worlds. At the same time, this remarkably innovative company also provides parents with a profitable and rewarding business opportunity.

Technology has dramatically changed the world in the past 10 years. Today’s kids are the first generation to be raised in this digital world. Statistics show that 70 percent of children have personal cell phones within 18 months of their 9th birthday. The internet, social media, cell phones and texting are a way of life – but this constant connectivity presents many dilemmas for today’s parents. Not only does it open the door to predators, undesirable content and dangerous behaviors, but parents are often unfamiliar with the technology and net-lingo their kids have grown up using.

This easy to use, high-tech solution provides internet and cell phone protection AND unlimited legal support – making it the most complete package available to parents today. Using the world’s largest database of words, phrases and net-lingo, this advanced downloadable software monitors all internet and cell phone communication and indicates potential risks to children’s physical, moral or emotional well-being. Parents IMMEDIATELY receive both a ‘Danger Alert’ text and email if their child is in harm’s way. The WebSafety legal department goes after the person responsible within hours.

Product Features:

  • Parents are not spying on their children. They are only notified when there is a dangerous communication or activity.
  • Software is secure on child’s computers and
    cell phones and cannot be circumvented or removed without parental password. Data is stored on WebSafety’s servers so can be accessed by parents from any computer anywhere.
  • Alerts parents instantly via email and text message to dialogue over their kid’s computers and cell phones related to suicide, drugs, sexting, cyber-bullying and
    sexual predators so they can be proactive before disaster strikes.
  • Detects pornography and obscenity and cleans if off computers’ hard drives and cell phones, then
    blocks it in the future before it can be viewed.
  • Allows parents to set up no-texting zones as well as an unlimited number of virtual fences and be notified when their
    child enters or leaves these perimters.
  • Cell phone software includes GPS tracking – parents know where their children are 24/7 and can see an instant history of up to
    several days of where they have been from anywhere in the world.
  • Cell phone texting while driving feature is disabled when a vehicle is traveling over 10 mph. This can
    be overridden by parental password if the child is a passenger.
  • Parents can be notified if their child is in a speeding car by setting speed limit alerts.

Product pricing for household use is as follows:

  • $13.99/mo 1 device (computer or cell phone)
  • $24.99/mo up to 3 devices
  • $39.99/mo unlimited devices

WebSafety Independent Representatives can earn a full or part time income simply by giving ‘Live’ Demonstrations of the technology and protection the company offers. 20% retail commissions are earned on sales and if team building is desired, bonuses and overrides can be earned on top of that. If team building is not desired, retail selling can still be quite profitable. The generous compensation plan, along with the intangible reward of protecting children and teens, makes the WebSafety business opportunity extremely flexible and truly rewarding.

Gail Wallin is an Independent Representative of WebSafety. You can contact her at 203-240-2202 or [email protected]

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