Social Networking Sites Lure Direct Sellers

The Australian:

networking is giving new life to one of the oldest sales models in marketing as companies like Amway and Avon start using Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as a way to keep in contact with staff and lure new distributors to their networks.

Amway, in particular, is in the midst of a renewed push in the Australian market to grow from 100,000 people who sell its range of household, cosmetic and vitamin products from their home.

And the focus is shifting to younger people — many of whom are heavy users of social media. Michial Coldwell, head of Amway’s operations in Australia and New Zealand, said the company was seeing an increasing number of people aged under 30 joining the system, and social networks had become part of the communications process.

Amway has appointed a social media adviser, joining a global trend where companies are having their social media strategies managed by special teams.

Logo from Amway

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