BP’s busted pipe continues to gush crude into the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting slick is now poisoning shores. Brace yourself for goo-covered pelicans, belly-up alligators, wasteland that was marshland.

According to Inventors Digest, inventors from across the country have inundated BP, the U.S. government and, yes, Inventors Digest, with ideas on how to stop the flow of oil into the ocean.

Even actor Kevin Costner is stepping up — he funded a sort of vacuum cleaner technology developed by Ocean Therapy Solutions.

One inventor from New Jersey suggested dumping mounds of sandbags, ant-hill style, on top of the gushing pipe. The mass could stem the flow, he reasons, and even could be drilled later for oil extraction.

Michael Max of Texas also wrote Inventors Digest yesterday with a solution.

“Bring house up to surface. Have valves & welding crew waiting on deck. Cut holes in top of house and ready valves to be put in place. Send house back down with all of the valves open. Put house in place. Connect mile long pipe to surface. Close all of the valves. Done.”

Photos by NYDailyNews/Inventors Digest.