Disability Doesn’t Hold Back Saudi Inventor

Saudi Gazette:

Two years ago, Abo Dayah’s car broke down on his way from Jizan, where he was studying, to Riyadh, where his family lives. When he got out to examine the engine, he was hit by a speeding car. Abo Dayah slipped into a coma for 20 days and lost his eyesight. To make matters worse, a doctor erroneously amputated his right leg.

“In spite of all my personal problems, I will continue to work on many more inventions. I am not disabled or blind, I am an inventor, who is driven by high motivation,” he said.

His invention, ‘Sensor x’, is a box-like device, the size of a small radio, containing an electronic circuit. According to Abo Dayah, it is very useful for other inventors whose inventions depend upon the use of electricity.

“Most beginners and young inventors face problems when they have to make a circuit inside their devices as it requires a lot of training and experience. If they use Sensor x and something goes wrong during the production process, only the circuit will be affected, which can be removed from the main device, thus saving the inventor a lot of time and money. He can then get a new Sensor x and go back to his device instead of starting from scratch,” he explained, adding that his invention is of great help to engineering students and those in high school.

Abo Dayah has already bagged a contract with a Syrian company to manufacture his device on a commercial scale. “It will be available in the market by the end of summer,” he said with a smile.

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