9News reports that Colorado is leading the way with inventions and one non-profit is helping people turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

Colorado is in the top 10 for number of patents filed and issued each year.

“We are a hotbed of innovation here and we do have a big impact on the economy,” Inventors Roundtable Founder Rita Crompton said.

The Inventors Round Table is a non-profit organization that helps turn ideas into profitable inventions. Representatives with the organization meet with inventors once a month to answer questions and help them through the patent process. Experienced inventors also mentor the beginners to make sure they do not waste time and money launching an idea before it is complete.

Among the success stories, the Inventors Roundtable has helped to launch two patented ideas that are now being manufactured and sold.

One invention, The Amazing Magic Table, was created by a Loveland couple. It takes on many shapes as it transforms from a small, folded block to a table of varying heights and sizes; it even has a magazine rack.

The couple, according to Crompton, “spent a lot of time in their RV and they needed the small version for storing,” Crompton said. “When they start their summer trip they will take 700 tables with them and they sell them along the way.”

In Colorado Springs, Great Grips came to life by making doorknobs easier to open. It won the 2010 Caregiver Award and Crompton says the Arthritis Foundation has purchased several of the Great Grips.

Photos by 9News/Colorado Great Grips, Inc.

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