Mom “Schleps” For Busy Pet Owners

Debbie Kulak is aware just how close some owners are to their pets reports

Kulak of Bridgewater worked in sales and marketing but decided to take time off to focus on raising her children. When her kids were old enough, she found she had time to start her own company.

Again and again, Kulak would hear that people really needed help caring for their pets – from letting them out mid-day to taking them for walks.

In March, she founded Pet Schleppers, a company that offers doggy day care, daily dog walks, overnight care and even pooper scooper service. Since Kulak offers vacation pet care, she also will fetch the mail and newspapers for clients when they are not home.

The Pet Schleppers welcome pet walking and sitting emergencies. Kulak said she helps several clients who get stuck in traffic or at a meeting. They send Kulak a text message asking to help their dog. Pet Schleppers’ motto is: “We can when you can’t.”

Kulak, a member of the National Association of Pet Sitters, even organizes puppy baby showers and pet birthday parties, knowing dogs are indeed valued members of the family.

“We will love your pet the way you do,” Kulak said.

Photo by havankevin

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