The Patriot Ledger reports that Seth Godin drew about 500 fans to a Back Bay auditorium as the renowned author and entrepreneur launched the first of a series of talks in cities around the country to better connect with his audience.

Godin espoused the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and taking risks to a fulfilling career. Here are a few of the tips he offered to attendees:

Blaze your own path: He said school prepares you to do one thing well: to follow orders. Godin said that model of doing what you’re told and following what other people have done before you often ensured success in the business world. But that model is breaking down quickly in an Internet age. “There is no … ‘Dummies guide’ for what you should do now,” Godin said. “I need to sell you very hard that there is no map.

Pursue “permission marketing” to build a brand: Godin coined the term “permission marketing” for the title of one of his most successful books. It loosely means engaging people on a personal level with your product, and targeting only the audiences that want to hear about what you have to offer. “Spamming people doesn’t work like it used to,” he said.

Be the “purple cow” in the herd: Godin also referenced his best-selling “Purple Cow” book, referring to the fact that successful brands stand out in an exceptional way from competitors. In a world of social media, word-of-mouth is more important than ever. “Things worth talking about get talked about,” he said.

Lead a tribe: It’s natural for people to want to build connections with others over a shared pastime, background, profession or experience.

Focus on your strengths: Find the one talent in which you excel, and push yourself to improve in that talent to set yourself apart. It won’t necessarily be easy, and that’s the point.

Photo by samluce.files.

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