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Many mothers struggle to produce enough breast milk to feed a growing baby.

But when Toni Ebdon gave birth she found herself with so much she decided to bottle it up and sell it on the internet.

Miss Ebdon got the idea when a friend laughed that she had enough breast milk to open her own dairy.

Although it was meant as a joke, Miss Ebdon took the idea to heart – and put her excess breast milk up for sale on the internet.

Three months later, she has sold 30 ounces – or one and a half pints.

‘I haven’t made loads of money but I intend to carry on selling it until it dries up,’ she said.

After giving birth to baby David, Miss Ebdon said she found herself with so much breast milk that her breasts became heavy and painful.

She started using a breast pump to filter off the excess and stored it in the freezer before putting an ad on the website Gumtree to see if anyone wanted to buy it.

Miss Ebson had expected that mothers who could not breastfeed themselves would be the only ones interested.

But to her surprise, she has been inundated with emails from men.

‘I tend not to ask too many questions or pry into people’s private lives,’ Miss Ebdon, a single mother, said.

‘All communication prior to the sale is done via email. Then I meet the customer in person to hand over the milk.

Photo by Alessandro Perilli

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