According to BBC News, Gurcharn Sahota works on some of the world’s fastest cars at his workshop just outside Derby.

But if you’re used to spending £5 on getting the car cleaned at the local garage, forget it. Gurcharn says he uses painstaking cleaning methods to make £1 million supercars look almost better than new.

He’s worked on Bugatti Veyrons, McLaren F1s, F1 GTRs and Pagani Zondas.

At his specially-equipped garage Gurcharn told Newsbeat, “a full treatment here costs around £7,000 ($10,648 USD)“. “For that kind of service I’ll spend around four weeks working on a car.”

Gurcharn’s work goes beyond the usual bucket and sponge wash.

“First is a complete wash with pH neutral shampoo and citrus degreasers, which is essentially orange extract. “We use different temperature water, from 40C to 140C depending on the area of the car.

Gurcharn has to use special towels and an extra powerful hair dryer to make the vehicle ready for the next stage of cleaning.

Natural wax imported from Brazil at more than £8,000 per tin takes pride of place on his trolley.

“If you give me a new car I can make it look better, ” Gurcharn says.

Photo by BBC News.