Lisa Bailey Montgomery tried for years to find a way to juggle a career while battling her desire to be at home with her children reports the

After eight years, she’s found that balance with Distinctive Decorating by Lisa, LLC.

After several years as a corporate buyer at Younkers, Montgomery was pregnant and decided she wanted to stay at home. That lasted for nine months.

“I just couldn’t do it,” she said. “I needed something more for me,” she said.

She went back to work as a corporate buyer at Coach House Gifts for three years. She was pregnant again and decided to try staying home again.

This time, she had a neighbor who wanted to teach her how to faux paint. So she learned, the neighbor moved and Montgomery took over. That was eight years ago.

After a divorce, she returned to Coach House Gifts seeking stability, a steady income and health insurance. After three more years, she decided to let her business grow and returned home.

“Behind all my business and what I do is being home for the kids and being around,” she said. “That was always my driving force.”

Montgomery said the key to building an at-home business is to love it.

“If you love it, it’ll all fall into place,” she said.

Her faux painting business has been mainly generated through word-of-mouth advertising, she said.

Photo from Distinctive Decorating by Lisa

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