Entrepreneur Takes Stake In Own Invention

Bill Stevenson believes he has found a winner.

In late March, Stevenson, 62, was awarded a U.S. utility patent for his SuperStake product, a stake-and-base support system to allow people to securely grow items such as tomato plants in planters, The News Journal reports.

A good idea only comes along once or twice in a lifetime,” Stevenson said in a recent interview. “This is my second great idea. I’ve always wanted to get into manufacturing. I never dreamed I would do it with my product. I’m excited.”

Stevenson’s newest invention is pretty simple, and environmentally friendly. Both the stake and base are made of recycled plastic. The base comes in different sizes to drop into the bottom of planters, and support the stakes.

Those stakes, in turn, replace wooden dowels in supporting wobbly plants like tomatoes or miniature fruit trees.

Photo by The News Journal.

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