Twins Turn Invention Into A Booming Biz

According to The Peoria Times, it all started when twin brothers Joshua and Zachary Neyens were just 6 years old and playing in their garage with some stretchy fabric.

Zach said, ‘Daddy, why don’t we buy some more fabric,'” Jay Neyens said. “I replied, ‘I think we are done buying fabric, we have a ton of it.'”

That’s when Josh piped up and said, “We could use it to cover the dune buggy,” and Zach chimed in, “Yeah, that would be cool.”

Neyens, co-owner of a Peoria landscaping business, has never been one to let an opportunity pass him by.

Right away he went to the Internet and found that no one made anything like it. And so was the birth of the Buggie Bag.

Currently, the Buggie Bags are being manufactured in Los Angeles but there is a bid out to try and lower the cost.

“We are also selling a lot of bags in Australia through a company called Cam Ritchie,” Neyens said. “The racers love them. They can cover their cars in the pits.”

Neyens said listening to his boys and helping them with their invention has taught them a lot about business. “They are old enough to understand the concept of supply and demand,” Neyens said. “We even have company board meetings, which they think are called board meetings because they get bored.”

Josh and Zach even designed their own postcard and coined the company slogan, “Buggie Bag, Stretch Your Imagination.”

Photo by Phoenix Business Journal.

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