Mom Plugs Cloth Diapers As Economical, Ecological

Rachel Hall and her husband estimate that they’ve saved over $1000 by using cloth diapers on their 16 month old daughter. This savings allowed Rachel to stay home with her daughter and pursue her writing career on a freelance schedule reports The Charleston Gazette.

The environmentally friendly aspects of cloth diapers appeal to Hall, especially after she and Charlie lived briefly in Hawaii, where recycling and trash reduction are a necessary way of life. There isn’t much room for landfills on islands.

“We became more environmentally conscious while we lived there. We were surrounded by this amazing natural beauty that we didn’t want to impact in a negative way,” she said. “When we moved back here, I realized West Virginia has the same beauty, but I hadn’t noticed it before. I didn’t want to have a negative impact on it, either.”

In May, Hall launched a business, Diaper Parties by Rachel, in which she hopes to both educate parents about the advantages of cloth diapers and to sell diapers and related products.

Hall brings a kit containing a wide array of modern cloth diapers and associated products to groups of parents, or anyone interested in child care.

“They can touch and feel the diapers,” she said. “Even people who are pretty adamantly opposed to them, if they just hear about them, especially the financial considerations, they might be interested.”

Photo from Diaper Parties

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