A new toaster has emerged that makes it possible to burn Jesus into a slice of toast every time you use it reports newsoxy.

The toaster went on sale last week starting at $39.95. It takes your daily bread and burns the image of Christ on it. The inventor hopes to expand by introducing more religious icons.

The idea comes six years later after a Florida woman auctioned off a grilled cheese sandwich bearing the image of the Virgin Mary. The inventor is Galen Dively III, 45, of Walden, Vt., and he’s running an introductory offer of a dozen toasters for $300.

“We’re like the Henry Ford of Virgin Mary toast,” Dively said in a statement. “We’re bringing it to the masses.” In fact, he demonstrated the toaster for purchasing agents and won over numerous converts. So far, the only skeptic has been his wife.

Photos from Jesus Toasters.

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