Inventors Back Support Helps End Pain

A landscape gardener has finally found relief for his back pain and it is all thanks to the prototype that Angus Macnab made for him reports Craven Herald And Pioneer.

Vertibax is the brainchild of Angus, who himself suffered from back pain after a car accident in 2000.

Following extensive medical treatment he was able to return to work at Giggleswick School as a biology and chemistry teacher. But continuous pain led him to develop the revolutionary Vertibax.

Drawing on his training as a biochemist, Angus created a unique design which not only offers pain release, but can also enhance rehabilitation after an injury and reduce the risk of an injury.

Chris’s back problems inspired Angus to design a support specifically for people in manual work.

The Lower Heavy Task Core Lumbar Support, as it is called, has proved very effective.

“I remember telling Angus how bad my back got sometimes and that I’d be at the chiropractors every six weeks or so for treatment,” Chris said.

“After a successful trial I wouldn’t be without it now and haven’t had to go for treatment since. I don’t even know I’ve got it on most of the time.”

Images from VertiBax

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