Oprah Names Her Favorite IPad Apps

Oprah’s a big fan of the iPad — she gave all her magazine staffers one earlier this year — and she’s spent a fair amount of time finding her favorites among the vast iTunes app store.

According to AdAge, at the annual American Magazine Conference, which wrapped up in her hometown of Chicago today, she praised the device for helping her stay up on more breaking news, for which she favors the CNN app and the ABC News app (she loves the globe design).

And she’s a big fan of Brushes and Sketchbook for her creative outlook. But the one that she said “changed her workouts”? Scrabble. “It keeps my mind off the treadmill … I can play Scrabble and listen to Bruce Springsteen all at once,” she effused.

Photo by blogcdn.com/upscaleswagger.com.

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