Call For Ideas

The United Inventors Association of America is reporting that in January, Silent Crow Productions will begin production on a major television series celebrating backyard inventors in America. It’s an opportunity for you to receive public acclaim through an ethical, well-respected cable network.

The network is looking for just 12 of the greatest, most extreme idea people out there, presently in the midst of wiring, welding, melting, fusing and harnessing together their wildest dreams. We are not looking for the next “get-rich-quick” invention. We are looking for inventors that execute their larger-than-life, useful-or-useless vision, because they have to. Your invention may not save the world tomorrow or the next day, but the steps you take to make it do what it does, just might. Ideally, your invention(s) should be visually appealing and completely unique, whether the science is ground-breaking or not.

This is NOT a reality show or anything that will make you look bad. Quite the contrary. We are looking to tell the grassroots inventor’s story, and in the process we will watch you reveal your most recent project(s), tweak it with our help, and demonstrate it in front of millions of viewers.

Reply via e-mail to [email protected] with a brief description of your project, your contact information and a recent photograph of yourself. Silent Crow Productions will respond with a phone interview.

Photo by hisks.

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