Cards On Dice

It took a lot of hard work and patience, but Square Shooters has finally been taken off the ice and released on dice reports

Created by Carmelyn Calvert of Eldred with help from her best friend and business partner, Paula Johnson of Nutwood, the inventors call the game the “first deck of cards on dice.”

“The first prototype of the game was on painted blocks of wood,” Calvert said. “Needless to say, we loved the game so much, we rolled the paint right off the dice. The dice are specially designed so that you can roll winning hands for poker, rummy, blackjack, war and more.”

Calvert invented the game 15 years ago. Her husband, Jim, came up with the name.

Calvert and Johnson presented “Square Shooters” to Johnson’s in-laws, avid game players, to test the prototype’s playability.

The game has proven to be “aces” with many gamers, and its popularity began to grow.

“Look at all of the games you can play with a deck of cards, so we have just touched the surface of what you can do with it,” Calvert said.

Photo from Square Shooters

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