More Small Businesses Trying E-Commerce

Melissa Johnson perfected the recipe for her cupcakes, and now she’s working to master the right mix for ecommerce.

According to, Melissa is the owner of Oh My Cupcakes. She has decided to take the leap into ecommerce for her cupcakes, but she is having a little trouble.

It’s a task she’s been working on for months, and one that has brought added challenges because of the delicacy and freshness of her product.

“It’s been a learning experience,” said Johnson, who opened Oh My Cupcakes in the Tri-State Creamery building on Main Avenue in April. “A good website is an absolute must-have in today’s business world, and we wanted something more top-of-the-line for our customers. We’d like to set ourselves apart.”

What once was an expensive, intimidating process has become easier and cheaper for small businesses. It’s a trend that has grown steadily and will continue as more businesses strive to compete on a national scale, said Shawn Lyons, executive director of the South Dakota Retailers Association.

“It will be a challenge and opportunity over the next couple of years. Retailers have to stay on top of these trends so they can continue to compete, not only in their community but around the state, region and country,” Lyons said. “The good retailers are figuring out (e-commerce) has to be part of their business plans.”

Screenshot from Oh My Cupcakes

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