Healthy Little Plants… In A Glass

Most 10 year old kids would start a lemonade stand or mow lawns to make some extra money. According to My Granite Bay, one little girl chose a different approach.

Anna Azevedo is a 5th grade honor roll student at Franklin Elementary School in Loomis, CA. who wants to learn how to ride horses. Naturally, at 10, kids ask their parents for the lessons. Not this girl. Instead, she comes asking for a business license. She has started a business called “Anna Sprout”. “I didn’t want my parents to pay for me. I want to earn it myself. It feels better to pay for it myself” states Anna.

“Anna Sprout” sells healthy, little plants…in a glass. These healthy little plants…in a glass take care of you. We live in a toxic indoors. She sells plants that actually clean the air we breathe. “Plants are really fun. I like planting them and being around gardens”. She is sensitive to the planet — to recycling, to the air we breathe. Plants are the purest form of recycling. Plants give us cleaner, more breathable air. At 10 years old, she is a conscientious business owner. She uses recycled glass. Composts and uses her own soil, grows her own plants, and makes her own natural fertilizer.

Image from Anna Sprout

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