Ever wonder what is going on in your neighborhood after dark? If you’re wondering, then there are probably others in your community that are wondering the same thing. For anyone looking for an opportunity to provide this service while making a little money, Optimal Media Group is the place to look.

Optimal Media is the main company behind the NightOut website business opportunity. They provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to earn some money on advertising within their communities, while offering visitors a one stop location to find all of the best night spots where they live. Their websites, much like the one shown above for Madison, are clean cut, attractive, and the perfect opportunity for the right person.

I recently had a chance to speak with the President of Optimal Media Group, Ron Boeringa, about his business and the opportunity they offer.

Tell us a little about Optimal Media Group.

Optimal Media Group is the parent company of the NightOut websites.

What inspired it?

NightOut was inspired by the obvious lack of information about nightlife and events in and around Madison Wisconsin. The idea was to develop a local website where businesses could list their specials and events and patrons could go to to find all that was happening in Madison. It was so well received in Madison that we decided other cities could benefit from it too.

Tell us a little about your NightOut website business package. Cost?

Our NightOut package provides you with everything you need to start your own NightOut buisness including the website, hosting, emails, marketing tools, business forms, guides and continuous support all for one low monthly fee. It cost $99 to get your website set up and then only $210 a month for everything.

How does it work?

With NightOut, you own your own business. You will be provided with the website but you as a local entrepeneur will be responsible for adding content to the site. This is the local nature of the business I talked about. You will first want to populate the site with as much relevant content as you can find such as restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, bands and also begin posting specials and events. You will want to get this done as quickly as possible. The purpose of this is to have a functional website, a site where you could find relevant information about your city and the events and specials that are going on. Once this is well on its way, you will begin publicizing the site to the general public to begin creating traffic to the site. At the same time you will begin introducing the site to area businesses as an advertising opportunity.

What type of entrepreneur do you feel that this opportunity would be best suited for?

It is a perfect opportunity for a couple of different types of entrepeneurs but one main thing they will need is a desire to promote their local community. From there if they are a detailed, organized type of person they fit well into the development side of the site and may want to hire sales staff to market to the businesses. If they are more sales oriented, outgoing types of individuals, they may want help on the development side and do the marketing themselves. But one main factor is a desire to help area businesses and to promote and have pride in their local community.

How many cities currently have their own NightOut page?

We currently have around 200 licensed NightOut sites.

How many locations are still available? Where?

There are an almost unlimited number of sites available when you consider this internationally. I think in the US and Canada we could see 500 to 700 sites eventually. We allow the licensee to choose the location but many very lucrative cities remain available. We believe you can be successful with a NightOut site in any community of 50,000 or more but we do have successful sites in smaller communities. Many of the smaller ones may be tourist areas or a licensee may choose an area combining several smaller communities rather than a city. We have some who have licensed counties which may include two or three smaller towns. We often license these with multiple license agreements rather than one but include all in one website. These types of areas are each negotiated individually.

Are there any goals you’d like to accomplish in the next year or so?

We would like to see our number of licensed cities increase to 300 in the next year. We have added phone apps which now make the sites completely mobile and have also added an SMS/Text marketing service our licensees can offer to their advertising clients. We would like to see these new features being used heavily and believe these will increase the popularity, profitability and overall interest in our sites.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Our goal is to be a household name. We want people to go to NightOut whenever they are planning a NightOut and whereever they are. If you are traveling and want to choose a place for dinner, we want you to use NightOut. This will only be possible with the addition and support of local entrepeneurs.

Any advice you’d like to offer any entrepreneurs that are considering this opportunity?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and effort to build a successful business and Night Out is no different. Where we are different is you can build an income that is only limited by the number of potential clients in your community and your effort with a very low startup cost and very low overhead. There are very few if any other opportunities that offer the income potential of NightOut at a cost as low as ours. We offer the complete package to build your successful NightOut business for a low monthly fee. And we only license one website per city so once you have your license it is your to build. We focus on support and innovation so you can focus all your attention on building a successful NightOut business. NightOut is a great product and a great opportunity. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.