They do lines — lots of lines. You’ll find them in parking lots, airports and even at Miami’s Doral Golf Resort.

The company We Do Lines USA is one of the few companies nationwide that specializes in striping — creating those white, iridescent lines to mark off parking spaces.

According to, the Connecticut-based firm, founded in 2008, has expanded to Florida and is selling franchise territories and drumming up business.

For a franchise fee of $25,000 and another $20,000 or so for equipment, a franchise owner can get started.

“It’s like a company in a box,” franchisee Bob Russo said. Chief Operating Officer Tom Darrow, along with two partners, started the firm after being a commercial landscaper for years and realizing there was a need for a company focused on striping.

“We couldn’t find anyone when we looked for parking lot striping for some of our projects so we tossed around the idea,” he said.

Surprisingly, parking lot striping is a $1 billion enterprise, Darrow said.

“It’s a really fragmented industry, many companies just do it as an add-on to their other services, nobody is doing it full time.”

We Do Lines has formed business relationships with Graco, a key manufacturer of striping machines and Sherwin-Williams paint company that produces traffic paint, a more durable, water-based product to withstand heavy outside use.

Photo by We Do Lines USA.

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