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These quick makeovers are known as the 5-10-15 minute makeovers. So, if you have as little as 5 minutes, you can give your face what it needs for the occasion. These tips can be used year-round!

On Christmas morning, for example, Dalene and Pat recommend that women cleanse and apply a touch of foundation. They then recommend following quickly with some brow pencil, if needed, a quick wave of the mascara wand, some blush, and lipstick or lip gloss.

On Christmas Day while dinner is cooking, they suggest adding eye shadow, eye definer and more mascara. Perhaps adding a bit more foundation and cheek color would be needed. They tell women that at this time of day, they can accentuate their lips more by using a pencil and a brighter color. Then dusting with powder for a flawless finish will complete the look.

Dalene and Pat recommend that for New Year’s Eve, women attending a more glamorous evening event will want to start with their eyebrows. “Features tend to disappear in low lighting, and brows are no exception,” says Pat. “You may want to add a bit of color because your brows should frame your eyes as your hair frames your face.”

The experts say further that eye shadow and eye liner can be made more intense to accent the eyes and that “a really effective look for lashes is to apply black/brown mascara heavily, then tip with black.”

Dalene and Pat agree that “cheek color should be brighter, with powder over the entire face to blend the look together” and that “lip color needs to be richer. Try filling in the entire lip area with your lip liner; then apply a darker color of lipstick with a lighter color glazed over it.”

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