It is not easy being a working mom. While heading off to do one job during th day, the rest of the time is spent at another job: parenthood.

The owners of Poppies are aware of just how hard these amazing women work, so they have decided to showcase the products made by women within their community. Of course, these products are also geared toward moms, reports Madison Patch.

Poppies features a variety of products from Karen Natale of Bella Camille including alphabet necklaces, reusable sandwich bags, and custom crocheted caps. The work of Christine Ferrie of Branford adorns the walls of the boutique. Personalized items from Madison’s Kerry McConville include headbands, belts, and clothing. Also offered are hand-made cards from Sarah Page Kyrcz of Madison and paintings from Keira Schwarz of Madison.

And then there are the clothes, racks and racks of beautiful baby and toddler clothes, offered at prices much lower than brand new.

Cathy Moore and Darcy Sordo, the owners of Poppies, know first-hand that getting great clothes and gifts at a reasonable price is important in these difficult economic times. Both were laid off from their former jobs and both have gone through the difficult adjustments that come from landing hard after flying high.

When they tell you their story, they’ll tell you about that, but what they really like talking about is the part of the story where other women helped them as they got started in their own business. Angels, they call them. And they’re determined to provide that same help to other women, even as they are getting started in their new business themselves.

“Supporting other mom businesses in the community is important to us because we are working moms,” Moore says. “We know how difficult it can be to support the family, but also have time for them.”

Photo by Lisa

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