Clips Keep Pregnancy Pants Up

While pregnant with her first child, Annie Tandy had trouble keeping her jeans from sliding down while wearing her maternity band. As an engineer by trade, she knew there had to be a simple solution. So, she created one. That solution became Pocket Dots, reports Western Springs Patch.

Getting an idea from the drawing board and into people’s homes however proved to be quite an endeavor for this first-time inventor.

Tandy said she had encouragement from her family and friends but found her way from idea to product by “trial and error.”

“I definitely had the support and received a ton of input from my family,” Tandy said. “My mom, dad, sisters and husband and even other pregnant moms all wanted me to start the business. With an engineering background, the design of the product was kind of my niche. I had no experience however in marketing. One phone call led to another which led to another and yet another. I asked a lot of questions and learned as I went along.”

Since launching Pocket Dots, Tandy has received accolades from moms-to-be as well as others, some famous and some not so famous.

“My husband and I are huge CSI Miami fans,” Tandy said. “When I found out that Emily Procter of CSI Miami was pregnant, I sent her a pair. She sent me back a very nice thank you note saying how much she liked her Pocket Dots.”

Photo from Pocket Dots

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