Thinking Outside The Golf Bag

According to Coolum News, Geoff Flett spent 57 years on the golf course. During that time, he did not like how the cart held his clubs and wondered if there was a better way. Then he invented it three and a half years ago.

For just $1500, Yamba’s Flett has produced the Flett Cart, a golf cart with a built-in club holder.

“Invention is the mother of necessity,” the 65-year-old said.

“I wasn’t happy with how the clubs sat on the back of my cart.

“I thought there must have been a better way of carrying clubs.

“I thought of this and also thought this might help the elderly.

“It’s a different way of carrying golf clubs on golf carts.”

Flett had just sold another of his models moments before the Examiner called this week, showing that the popularity is there even if the demand can’t keep up with the production.

“The feedback has been amazing but there’s a huge amount of labour content,” Flett said.

“Once I got the word out I have been reluctant to sell it too much.

“Initially it was for my own benefit. I can’t see going into a full-time thing myself.

The frame is made of fibreglass, with the clubs able to be locked up at the end of each round.

Photo by Nimish Gogri

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