What do you do when people love your food? Package it and sell it in stores, so more people can buy it. It sounds like a good next-step approach for any good restaurant entrepreneur. So far that approach is also working well for Rod Jiang, reports Times Colonist.

Three varieties of pre-cooked chicken and rice curry dishes are hitting the shelves at more than 60 grocery stores, convenience stores and gas bars across the Island this week, including the Fairway Market and Country Grocer chains.

The chicken-curry entrées do not require refrigeration. The food is prepared in a factory in Jiang’s native Thailand which uses thermal packaging technology and an extreme heat and cold cooking process that eliminates bacteria and gives the product an 18-month shelf life.

Each box contains a tray of rice and a bag of either green, red or yellow curry chicken. Consumers can heat the two parts in a microwave in under three minutes.

“My goal has always been to make Thai food delicious, nutritious, affordable and accessible,” said Jiang. “We have done that in Victoria in our restaurants and now we want to make it available to people in their homes.”

Image from Little Thai Place

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