Efficient Energy America, Inc. (E2America) today announced that Platinum Corral, a multi-state franchise operator of Golden Corral Buffet-Grill restaurants, has signed an agreement to install E2America’s intelligent HVAC control system in all 30 of its stores. E2America’s automated, self-refining, wireless, retrofit system allows Platinum Corral to reduce both gas and electricity costs, usage and carbon emissions. As the company installs the E2America technology in all of its locations, Platinum Corral expects to lower its electricity costs by as much as $252,000 annually.

Typically, HVAC systems account for a large portion – in many cases, more than 50 percent – of the total energy used by commercial buildings. As energy costs and consumption have continued to rise over the last several years, Platinum Corral had implemented simple measures in an effort to reduce its utility bills, including scheduled and preventative maintenance on its HVAC compressors. Yet the company was not seeing a significant savings, and was typically paying around $9,000 per store every month for gas and electricity costs.