Women Bring Social Media Conference To Utah

Rachael Herrscher and Jyl Johnson Pattee have attended a lot of different conferences on social media, but none of them have left either person feeling fulfilled. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, they are doing something about it.

“We wanted to build a conference that we wanted to attend,” said Herrscher, CEO of TodaysMama.com, a network of regional websites for moms. “Utah has a huge number of bloggers and influencers in social media. We really wanted to create a flagship event for not only Utah but for the West.”

The result is evo’11, a three-day conference of sessions and networking opportunities that teaches up-and-coming bloggers and businesswomen how to reach out with today’s Internet tools.

The second annual conference, set for July 7-9 at Canyons Resort in Park City, is sold out, which Herrscher says proves the need for Utahns in social media to gather and share their expertise.

“Social media has made our world so much smaller,” Herrscher said. “For women in business, that’s access to information and access to real people. With blogs, it’s also given women a huge platform for expression.”

Image by Widjaya Ivan

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