Credit And Social Media Combine?

Social media, Facebook in particular, is a growing medium. People are still discovering the various possibilities with the service, and businesses are finding new ways to connect with customers with its help.

American Express and Facebook are combining in a unique way. According to USA Today, AmEx has recently announced a long list of initiatives to bring in more fans and customers by working closely with the social media giant.

Among the new programs: Card holders who link their account through a special app on AmEx’s Facebook page will receive discounts and special offers based on their listed interests and “Likes,” as well as the interests and “Likes” of their Facebook friends.

“We want to be relevant to the Facebook experience,” says AmEx Vice Chairman Ed Gilligan, as well as expose its services to the social-media behemoth’s 750 million users.

“For those who aren’t card members, this may be a reason why they should become a member,” he says, adding that this type of customer recruitment “is much more (effective) than sending a direct-mail piece to a home.”

About 100 businesses, including 20th Century Fox, Whole Foods Market, Outback Steakhouse and Celebrity Cruises, have signed on to be a part of the new AmEx program.

Photo by Andres Rueda

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